Monday, 2 September 2013

Fish Mobile

To make a fish mobile you will need:
- 1 piece of card for each mobile
- cotton/thread
- sticky tape
- hole punch
- stuff to decorate it with - pens/pencils, stickers, tissue paper and glue

Download and print off the template below onto the A4 card and cut out the circle and fish. Use a hole punch or sharp scissors to make 4 holes around the circle and at the top of each fish and let the kids have some fun decorating them.

When they've finished, take a length of thread and tape it to the underneath of the circle so that it will come out of the middle when you turn it into a cone.Overlap the 2 cut edges and tape into place to make a flat cone that you can hang the fish from.

Then tie thread to each fish and hang it from the cone...TA-DA! You have a beautiful fish mobile!!!

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