Thursday, 21 November 2013

Nativity Christmas Tree Decorations

Here are some really easy Christmas tree decorations for your little ones to colour in. Just cut round them and put a whole-punch hole on the top to tie a string through. You can even stick 2 back-to-back to make them double sided!

Nativity Christmas Puppets

Here are some simple Nativity puppet for your little ones to colour and use to tell the Christmas story!

Just download the PDF, cut around them and, once coloured/decorated, stick a lollipop stick, coffee stirer or straw to the back! You can do the whole nativity, or just the ones you fancy!


Monday, 9 September 2013

Tissue paper flowers

These are really easy to make and all you need is a few bits of tissue paper and some pipe cleaners!


Cut out 4 circles - they don't need to be perfect

Lay them on top of each other

Push a pipe cleaner through the middle of the circles

Twist the end of the pipe cleaner into a ball to secure it

Scrunch up the tissue paper

Open them out again to finish the flower

To make the leaves, cut out 2 rectangles of green tissue paper

Fold them in half 

Cut a leaf shape, leaving the folded edge uncut so they remain attached

Open the leaves out

Lay them in position where you would like them on the stem

And twist the pipe cleaner around them to secure them.


To make a different type of flower, again start with 4 circles of tissue paper.

Fold the circle in half, then in half again, then again, and again!!!

Cut the wide edge in a semi-circle

open the flowers out and push the pipe cleaner through as before and make a ball to secure it

twist the pipe cleaner around the bottom of the petals 

separate the petals out and add leaves as before!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Fish Mobile

To make a fish mobile you will need:
- 1 piece of card for each mobile
- cotton/thread
- sticky tape
- hole punch
- stuff to decorate it with - pens/pencils, stickers, tissue paper and glue

Download and print off the template below onto the A4 card and cut out the circle and fish. Use a hole punch or sharp scissors to make 4 holes around the circle and at the top of each fish and let the kids have some fun decorating them.

When they've finished, take a length of thread and tape it to the underneath of the circle so that it will come out of the middle when you turn it into a cone.Overlap the 2 cut edges and tape into place to make a flat cone that you can hang the fish from.

Then tie thread to each fish and hang it from the cone...TA-DA! You have a beautiful fish mobile!!!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Sunny Day Crafts

Now the sun is out we've been in the garden lots and Ellie has been enjoying some outdoor crafts! Her favourites are:
  • Giant chalks  - they are big enough not to snap and kids LOVE drawing all over the patio with them! And the beauty is that they wash off really easily! It's not just my 2 year old that loves it either, my 5 and 8 year old nephews love it too!
  • Water painting - Paint brushes and a tub of water keep Ellie entertained for ages. She paints, the sun dries it, she starts again! She even enjoys washing the chalk off with the paint brushes!

Thank-You Cards to Colour

I recently made this thank you card for my daughter to colour in to say thank you for her birthday presents, and thought I would share it with you all too.

Open it with this link, go to 'file' and 'download' to print. when you do print, go to your printers 'page settings' and select 'A4 Boarder-less printing'. It's designed to be printed on A4 and then be folded in half.

Happy colouring!

p.s. I used pictures and fonts that were free on the internet, so no copyright problems!

Make and Decorate Shields

These shields are really easy to make and the kids love to decorate them with stickers and play with them after! You can make them out of card or craft foam (I prefer foam, and you can get it quite cheaply in large packs).

Download the template of the shield (there's 2 to a page) and handle and either print it straight onto coloured A4 card to cut out and use, or print it onto scrap card, cut out at a template to draw around onto foam to cut out. You can attach the handle with staples or tape to the back.